Prospectus for 2016 CTTA A-League
2016-02-16 09:54中国乒乓球协会

2016 CTTA A-League


1.Date and Location

1.1. First Stop:

25th to 29th May, Sanming City,Fujian

1.2. Second Stop:

6th to 11th September, Bengbu City, Anhui


2.1. First Stop:

Team event (Men & Women)

2.2. Second Stop:

Team event( Men& Women); Single event(Men& Women)

3. Entries

3.1 CTTA will accept 4 Non-CTTA clubs for MT and 4 Non-CTTA clubs for WT from Non-CTTA clubs. Each Non-CTTA club registering in the 2016 CTTA A-League should have minimum 4 players. Once finishing registration, no modifications of the entries will be allowed, no matter what reason.

3.2 CTTA will select the clubs based on the team members’ latest world ranking if more than 4 clubs applied.

3.3 The registration deadline for Non-CTTA player is 1st April, 2016, same as CTTA clubs.

3.4 All competition results for Non-CTTA clubs will be considered the same way with that of CTTA clubs.

3.5 Each Non-CTTA team can register for 1 team captain, 1 coach, and minimum 3 players or maximum 5 players at each stop of competition. Participating players must have been registered in their belonging Club for the year of 2016. Teams with only 2 players will not be permitted to play. The oversea players can enter the single event in the Second Stop.

4. Competition Format

The 2016 CTTA A-League will be divided into 2 stops. The achievement of second stop will be the final result.

4.1 The competition of the first stop will be divided into 2 stages:

- First stage: all the teams will be divided into 4 groups (4 for men’s teams and 4 for women’s teams) and play in round robin system within each group.

- Second stage: Knock-out matches and positions matches will be played between position 1 to 3 for each group, and position after 4 in each group, then decide the final ranking of the first stop. Only 3 rounds of match will be played in the knock-out matches and positions matches. The last round will not be played, with last two teams sharing the same ranking.

4.2 The second stop consists of both single events and team events.

4.2.1 Single events will be divided into 2 stages:

-First Stage: All players will play in a round robin system to decide the qualifiers.

-Second Stage: Knock-out matches and positions matches will be played. The winner from 1st round of Knock-out matches will keep play until all final positions has been decided.

4.2.2 Team events will be played with 2 rounds of knock-out and positions matches.

The first round of knock-out matches and positions matches

The teams have even ranking in the 1st stop will be divided into group A and B. Knock-out matches and positions matches will be played to decide the final positions in each group.

The second round of knock-out matches and positions matches

The top 6 teams in group A and B will play knock-out and position matches to determine the position 1st - 12th. The rest teams will play positions after 12th. All final positions will be decided through the second round of knock-out matches and positions matches.

4.3 Rules

4.3.1 The official regulation of the competition will be the 2011 version (newest version) table tennis rules from General Administration of Sport of China.

4.3.2 The competition ball will be white plastic ball (Double fish, three stars).

4.3.3 Playing System Each team event contest (Men & Women) shall be decided by the best of five matches. Each match shall be played best of five games. Each game shall be played with 11 points. Each player can play a maximum of two matches according to the following system:

1、 A——X

2、 B——Y

3、 Doubles

4、 A——Y

5、 Singles Each match in Single events before the quarter-finals will be played best of five games, with each game 11 points. Matches from the quarter-finals to the finals will be played best of seven games.

4.3.4 All clubs should participate in 2 stops according to the competition date. If a club stays absent in the 1st stop, it will not be allowed to play the 2nd stop (in neither team events nor single events).

5. Format of promotion and prize money

5.1. The Non-CTTA clubs will not be removed to the CTTA B-league for 2017 season. All clubs will not upgrade to the 2017 CTTA Super League.

5.2. Prize money (before tax):

1st stop: Team Events

Position 1 &2 is RMB 8,000; Position 3 &4 is RMB 5,000; Position 5 &6 is RMB 2,000;

2nd stop:

Team Events: Position 1 is RMS 18,000; Position 2 is RMB 12,000; Position 3 is RMB 9,000; Position 4 is 7,000; Position 5 is 5,000; Position 6 is 3,000.

Single Events: Position 1 is RMB 8,000; Position 2 is RMB 7,000; Position 3 is RMB 5,000; Position 4 is RMB 3,000; Position 5 to 8 is RMB 2,000.

6.Accommodation & Transportation

6.1. All clubs should arrange the accommodation and transportation by themselves.

6.2. The competition fee of each stop for each Non-CTTA clubs is USD 500.

6.3 Further information will be published on the CTTA website ( 2 months before the start of the competition.

6.4 All clubs should attend the Jury Meeting on time.

6.5. The O.C. will communicate with all clubs for further information via telephone and E-mail.

6.6. Racket Control: Rackets tests in 2016 CTTA A-League will be conducted according to the ITTF newest Racket Control Rules.

6.7. Non CTTA players should bring with them their passports for ID checking by the Umpires, or else they will not be allowed to participate in the events.

6.8. Insurances: All participants should take care of medical and any other kind of insurances that might be obligatory and/or needed for their stay in China for the whole period of this tournament.

7. Entry

7.1 Registration:

All Non-CTTA Clubs are required to send their Registration Form no later than April 1st, 2016 to the following contact information.

Contact Person: Ms. ZHANG Xuejing

Tel: 0086 10 87183491 0086 10 87183492

Fax: 0086 10 67176053


7.2. Entry Form

Once successfully registered, the Non-CTTA clubs will be eligible to attend both stops of the CTTA A-League. For each stop of competition, the participating clubs and team should send their entry to CTTA 1 month before the competition. Your entry may be accepted after the deadline, with RMB200 penalty fee.

7.3 Arrival

The participating teams should arrive and report to the organizing committee 1 day before the competition. The O.C. will provide the training hall for practice 1 day before the tournament starts. The Competition fee of USD 500 should be submitted upon their arrival.


The Registration Form for Non-CTTA Clubs of 2016A-League

2016 CTTA A-League Entry Form for Non-CTTA Clubs